iPad 2 as primary computer

This is a very good question.. Before I answer that question I would like to ask myself why iPad ? Well honestly speaking I am a big android fan. I love the open source nature of android, the choice of available apps. I find android apps to be more practical than iPad apps for some reason.


I have always believed that apple has this nasty habit of pricing their products ridiculously.. And I don’t want to buy a product just for the hype. The new iPad brings ratina display a better camera, a5 etc.. But what the heck.. I am not paying crazy amount of money just for these minor changes. The new iPad also bought price drop on iPad 2. At inr 21800 iPad 2 is an awesome deal, Hence iPad 2.

Now that I have iPad 2 in my hands, I want to make the best use of it. I have a 5 year old Acer laptop with windows 7. I love my laptop and it has served me well.. I have also tried windows 8 consumer preview and it runs awesome too.. So I see no reason what’s so ever to throw my acer laptop away. I will use it for another couple of years may be even more until it dies on me..

Now I have this iPad and I want it to serve me well too.. Being a coder who works on Microsoft Technologies I have no way to escape windows nor have any such intentions either..

iPad as a primary computer is very tough. It is a great companion, I can do lots of stuff on iPad but can it totally replace a laptop? Well the answer is NO!


Back on WordPress


I was running a successful personal blog at jeba.in for many years. Then life did its thing and I lost interest in personal blogging. With $15 yearly renewal for .in domains I had no option but let it go. Now jeba.in is a parked site.
Now my itch to blog is back and I wanted to go for a paid domain. I thought for a while and decided I will go with WordPress.com rather. once I get more serious about blogging I will move it to a self hosted domain.

When I started blogging it was all about personal updates and thoughts.In short I was writing for myself, then as the blog became popular I started writing for traffic. I guess this was when I started loosing interest in personal blogging. Then came a phase when I totally lost interest and blogging died for me. I was definitely active on my other websites but personal blogging took a backstage.

Lots have changed since. Many of the websites I was running back then are gone. Recently I sold ghuj.com for a good price. I was not updating it frequently and was more interested in other websites of mine. Cooljeba.com also died 😦 I totally stopped writing photoshop tutorials.

This is a fresh start for me. I have started up many new websites . Windows tablet board, win8ninja and gimptuts.org. Windows tablet board is a forum to discuss. The up coming windows 8 based tablets. It just reached its first 1000 posts. It is tough to start a forum. Very tough.
Win8ninja is a sister site to windows tablet board. Which hosts tutorials for windows 8 the OS. It is still very new and has only 1 tutorial so far. Last but not the least it’s gimptuts. It is a replacement website for ghuj. I will be posting some of the best gimp tutorials across the web.

With these new websites and a day job it is really tough to dedicate time to all the websites. This is the reason I decided to stay with WordPress.com. I can finally blog for myself now.

I am writing this blog post on my iPad 2 via the WordPress app. I am glad to be back to my writing ways! I just hope I don’t loose motivation 😉